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Rain Garden - Voris Field Parking Lot
Taft High School
New Shoreline Planting Guide
from DLWID - download pdf

Stewardship Gardening Link
NOAA Sea Grant Colleges - 
Washington State University
Oregon State University

"Rain Garden" Workshop, June 9
Newport Public Library

Well attended on a rainy day
see News - flyer

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Native Gardens
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Naturescaping: a landscaping partnership with nature (3rd edition)

Rain Gardens
Oregon State University
Sea Grant
Oregon Rain Garden Guide

Organic Lawn Care Manual
Paul Tukey, author

Invasive Species
Oregon Marine Board
Aquatic Invasive Species
U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Protect Your Waters and
Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers

Oregon Public Broadcasting
The Silent Invasion

and Wetlands
Pets and Wildlife
Protecting Habitat
and Herbicides
Wash Stations

Erosion Prevention
and Sediment Control

and Non-point Pollution

and Point Pollution

Shoreline Stabilization
and Riparian Zone

Devils Lake Water Improvement District
Save Our Shoreline

Septic System

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